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Welcome to NASBA's International Evaluation Services Application. Please complete the application in its entirety, send in required documentation and provide payment. The application process should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation via email, along with a list of instructions and additional information. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 1-855-468-5382 or email nies@nasba.org

Personal Information

(Where you were born)

This number will be used to reach you in case any questions should arise on your application.
Evaluation Report Type
Click here to help you decide which evaluation you need or to view a list of US regional accrediting bodies.

A Domestic evaluation is required for domestic schools that ARE NOT regionally accredited.

Jurisdiction - CPA Examination

Jurisdiction - CPA Licensure

New York is not an option for Licensure evaluation

Jurisdiction - CPA Examination/Licensure Undecided Jurisdiction

School(s) Attended:

You can add up to four schools/institutions.  You must at least add one school. If you need to list more than four schools/institutions, you may upload a word document listing each school there.  You may also send a word document to nies@nasba.org

School 1 - Enrollment Start Date

School 1 - Enrollment End Date

School 2 - Enrollment Start Date

School 2 - Enrollment End Date

School 3 - Enrollment Start Date

School 3 - Enrollment End Date

School 4 - Enrollment Start Date

School 4 - Enrollment End Date

Informed Consent and Attestation Statement



NASBA takes the privacy of individuals very seriously. Our current privacy policy may be viewed on our homepage, www.nasba.org, by clicking on the “privacy policy” link.


I agree that the following information (”Personal Information”) will be collected, received, transferred, stored, and processed in connection with my evaluation and may be used and disclosed by NASBA and transmitted to and from the United States:

(a) Name

(b) Date of Birth

(c) Email

(d) Country of Origin

(e) Mailing Address

(f)  Phone Number

(g) Education (Schools attended, Transcripts)

(h) Credit Card


Purposes for Data Collection

I understand and agree that my Personal Information may be used for the following purposes ("Evaluation-related Purposes"):

(a) Evaluating international education and converting such education into the US equivalent;

(b)  Administration and operational purposes;

(c)  Verifying compliance with NASBA policies;

(d)  Backup purposes to facilitate business continuity;

(e)  Compliance with contractual, legal or regulatory obligations;

(f)   Detection or prevention of inappropriate behavior or breach of NASBA policies; and

(g)  Business management and other legitimate business purposes.



I understand and agree that my Personal Information may be disclosed to each of the following:

(a) NASBA; and

(b) Third parties that perform services related to the purposes listed above.



In connection with my application, I hereby authorize NASBA to:

(a) Release any information necessary to verify the answers given on my application;

(b) Examine or receive copies of my records maintained by colleges, universities and boards of education; and

(c) Use my Personal Information for identification purposes in record keeping, information exchanges with USA and any other government agencies, and other data sources that may be required to verify my Personal Information.


I understand that discovery of false information in my application discovered during my evaluation may result in denial of my evaluation. 


I release NASBA and its designees from any and all liability and responsibility, damages and claims of any kind whatsoever arising from this investigation of my background.


I also understand and will allow NASBA to share my Personal Information with third parties for Evaluation-related Purposes.


Data Retention and Storage

My Personal Information may be retained and stored in accordance with NASBA data retention policies in effect and as may be modified from time to time. 


Consent to Transfer of Personal Information

I acknowledge that the levels of data protection and privacy laws in other countries may not be as high as those applicable in my jurisdiction and that NASBA will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that my Personal Information is kept secure at all times. I consent to the transfer to and storage and processing of my Personal Information in jurisdictions other than my own, including the USA.


I hereby attest that the information that I have provided is true, accurate, and complete and I understand that any falsification, omission, or concealment of material fact may subject me to administrative, civil, or criminal liability.  I understand that any evaluation provided hereunder is advisory and not necessarily binding upon any agency or institution.  I hereby release NASBA International Evaluation Services from any liability for damages resulting from the use of any evaluation.  

I hereby understand and agree that controversy or claim arising out of or relating to my application or any evaluation shall be finally determined by binding arbitration pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association, except that the laws of the State of Tennessee shall exclusively govern (without reference to principles of conflict of laws thereof) any such controversy or claim and that any arbitration, action, suit, or proceeding arising out of or relating to my application or any evaluation shall be located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Binding arbitration means that I am waiving my right to a trial, including my right to a jury trial, my right to a trial by a judge, and my right to appeal the decision of the arbitrator or arbitrators. 

Click here to review NIES Policies before proceeding with Electronic Signature.

Fee Payment



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