Welcome to AEQUO International Graduate Admissions Evaluation Application. Please complete the application in its entirety, and complete your registration through our online application system.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 1-844-882-3786 or email info@aequointernational.com.



Applicants from China must have their transcripts, degree certificate, and bachelor’s and/or master’s degree issued through the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The CDGDC must verify all documents submitted and send the verified documents along with the verification report to our office. If the CDGDC will not verify and issue the credential, candidates must then have their transcripts verified and issued by CHESICC.

During your evaluation, you will be required to submit official documents and proof of identification.

We will guide you through each step of your evaluation process.
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Graduate Studies Evaluation Fee - 200.00 USD

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IMPORTANT: After payment, you will be directed to the AEQUO International evaluation application page. Please create an account and complete the necessary requirements. You will also see the required documents for your evaluation and instructions for submission. 

If for some reason you are not immediately directed to the AEQUO International evaluation application page after payment is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation containing the link to the AEQUO International page where you can create your account.

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